UCSF Division of Neurology at ZSFG

Neurology at the ZSFG
The Division of Neurology takes care of patients at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Our UCSF physicians and staff partner closely with the Department of Public Health to provide world-class healthcare to all.
More than 150 years
The San Francisco General Hospital (now known as the Zuckerberg San Francisco General) has been providing care to San Francisco residents in partnership with UCSF for more than 150 years.

Sanctuary of Sanctuaries

The Division of Neurology at ZSFG is comprised of physicians, researchers, medical trainees, and staff from many specialities across almost all neurological disorders, providing both inpatient and outpatient care for the San Francisco community. Together we work to inspire the next generation of physicians, provide hope and sanctuary to our patients, deliver healthcare discoveries through our research programs--all rooted in a commitment to equity and care.

Interdisciplinary Commitment to Health

Our division is unique as a home to faculty members from specialties throughout Neurology, with an ethos of community and a focus on those who are marginalized in healthcare. Working closely together brings synergy across specialties, in both our patient care and research endeavors.

Find out more about the people who comprise our division: faculty, trainees, staff, and patient volunteers.

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Four Pillars of ZSFG Neurology

Our faculty and staff work closely with the divisions of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Neurosurgery in a commitment to transforming the health and saving the lives of our patients--every day, while training the next generation of physicians. Our four pillars are patient care, education, research, and equity. Find out more about the activities of ZSFG:

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Patient Care

Each year, we take care of hundreds of patients in our inpatient hospital services, and thousands of patients in our neurology clinics.

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TOur robust portfilio of federal, industry and privately sponsored researh studies are critical to prevent neurological injury, develop new treatments and determine leading practices to better care for our patients. 

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We continue the almost 150 year relationship between UCSF and the San Francisco Department of Public Health in advancing healthcare and providing world-class care to all.

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The faculty and staff in the Division of Neurology at ZSFG are deeply committed to the mission of caring for underserved patients and expanding equity work throughout medical education and UCSF.

Our Equity Mission: To integrate the privilege and deep mission of caring for underserved patients--and demonstrating commitment to equity--throughout our mission, plans, and day to day activities.